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430 Watt Power Supply

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November 9th, 2006


Crucial System Scanner


     Truepower Trio is the new series of power supplies from Antec, known to provide very dependable power supplies for not a lot of money. Let's take a look at the new small kid on the block. I say small kid because this is the smallest installment of the new Trio series, they also offer a 550 Watt, and a 650 Watt. If you ever wondered why they call these things TruePower, or why it isn't a 1000 Watt PSU like we are seeing advertised now, it is because these are not your OEM Power Supplies, or that great "FREE POWER SUPPLY" that came with your $60 case.

     Here is a look at the box for the new Trio. Not exactly an eye turner we have to admit, this is not a Bling kinda PSU. This is a no nonsense, get the job done PSU.

     There is a reason why when you look at most Power Supply cartons they do not give this much information. I think mostly it is because the number they brag about is not the total of what is real, you can't get to the numbers mentioned on the box by adding up what is possible. With this PSU you can.

Out Of Box Experience

     When opening the box on this Power Supply it is plain that unless you (or the shipping company) have really bashed the heck out of this box, it is going to work. As of the writing of this I personally have not heard of a single person having a bad out of box experience with an Antec PSU, I am sure they are out there, but considering the number of other companies that would not be true for, I would call that a definite bonus.



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