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AMD Socket AM3: X4 965 Black

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August 13th, 2009

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Rendering and Encoding Tests

Next up are the rendering and encoding tests.  For this, we are going to look at Cinebench, POV-Ray, and x.264-480p. 

Cinebench 10

Cinebench 10 is a very well known rendering benchmark that can utilize a single CPU, multiple CPUs, or even GPUs.  For this test, we used Cinebench 10 64-bit, looking at both single threaded and multi-threaded performance.  Higher scores are better.

In the single threaded test, clock speed and architecture are all that matter, and in this test the stock 965 handily beats out the competition.  However, when overclocked, the x3360 again takes the lead. 


For the multithreaded test, the dual and triple cores move to the bottom, leaving the x3360, 965 and 955 alone at the top.  The 965 again tops all of the stock CPUs, but loses to the x3360 when overclocked. For whatever reason, the 955 at the same clock speed also took a bit of a lead here, too.  Why this is the case is not clear. 


POV-Ray is another popular rendering benchmark that also supports both single and multiple threads.  Test results are measured in Pixels Per Second, and a higher score is better. For this test, we used version 3.7 beta 29. 

The PovRay test seems to favor the AMD architecture a little better than Cinebench does, and it shows here as the 965 takes a pretty substantial lead over the E8400 and x3360 at stock speeds.  When overclocked, the 955 actually still beats out the 965, while the overclocked x3360 still is the top dog. 

In the multithreaded test, the 965 again places as the top stock CPU, and sits directly behind the x3360 and 955 at the same clocks.   

X.264 Encoding Test

Finally, we have the X.264 encoding test.  In this test, a small video file is encoded into the H.264 format.  There are 5 runs that get two passes each; since each run typically performs identically to the other 4, we are just going to report both passes of the first run.  Higher scores are better.

In the first test, the stock 965 really outshines all other stock CPUs, while falling just under the 955 for the overclocked category. 

In the second test, the 965 again takes the crown as the fastest CPU at stock, but is again beat out by the x3360 when overclocked. 

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