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Full Tower Enclosure

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May 7th, 2011


Crucial System Scanner

I've always been a big fan of full tower cases.  I'm not one that wants to hide my computer in a closet or even under a desk.  I want everyone to see it and I want everyone to know it's a beast.  It's really nice to see a full tower case come through the Club.  It seems like the majority of people are migrating to the mid-tower, and there's nothing wrong with that, it's just not for me.  Let's climb inside this full tower case and see what we find.


 Model  ECA5010M-B-B
 Dimension  544(D) x 212(W) x 591(H) mm
 Material  SECC 1.0mm
 Drive Bays  5.25" 5 (exposed) 3.5" 8 (hidden)
 M/B  E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX
 Power Supply  PS2, Mini Redundant (optional)
 Front I/O  USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 3, eSATA x 1, HD/AC'97 Audio
Fan slots  Front: 12cm x 2
 Rear:  12cm x 2
 Side:   25cm x 1
 Top:    14/12cm x 2
Color   Black interior, black appearance
Expansion Slots  7
Liquid Cooling Holes  4
PSU mounting position   Bottom, w/filter
Front Fan Specs - 12cm
- RPM: 1000 +/-10%
- Fan light: Blue/Red LED light (18*2 LEDs)
- Black frame with focus blade
- Twister Bearing
- Detachable fan blades
- No thermal sensor
- LED on/off switch, wire length - 100mm
- 3pin & 3-4pin connector, wire length - 490mm
Side Fan Specs - 25cm
- RPM: 600~900
- Fan light: Blue/Red LED light (5+5 LEDs)
- Transparent frame and blade
- Sleeve bearing
- LED switch, blue-Off-red, wire length - 210mm
- VR switch, 600~800 RPM, wire length - 160mm
- 4pin connector, wire length - 500mm
Top & Rear Fan Specs - 12cm
- RPM: 1200+/-10%
- Fan light: Blue LED light (4 LEDs)
- Blue frame and transparent blade
- sleeve bearing
- 4pin connector, wire length - 500mm


•Full drive bay design and modular HDD cages for utmost flexibility and scalability
•Top slide cover functions either as air flow adjustment or dust shield
•Independent light controls for front and side color-changeable fans
•Bottom mounted PSU slot with rubber stands and dust filter supports two orientations
•Dust filters for side monster fan, and meshed bay covers
•4 openings with rubber grommets for water cooling system
•Easy installation:
    ◦Flip-open design for quick system maintenance
    ◦ Quick release bay covers
    ◦ Rails for both ODD and HDD installation
    ◦Cutouts on M/B tray for quick CPU cooler maintenance and neat cable management
    ◦Thumbscrews for add-on cards installation
•Supreme cooling performance:
    ◦Front 2x12cm Blue/Red combo-LED VEGAS fans
    ◦ Side 1x25cm Blue/Red combo-LED fan with LED & speed control
    ◦Top 2x14/12cm exhaust fan (optional)
    ◦ Rear 1x12cm exhaust fan (optional)



Cooler Master
Sapphire Tech
Futuremark Corp
Patriot Memory